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Performance Tables: Assessment

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test Summer 2015

All pupils in Year 1 take a Phonics Screening Test if they are developmentally ready to take the test. In addition to this Year2 pupils who did not pass the test in Year 2 should take the test if they are able to. Last year one Year 1 pupil took the test and seven pupils were disapplied. In Year 2, three pupils took the test and four were disapplied. One pupil had passed the test in his previous school. The pupil in Year 1 passed the test and two out of the three pupils in Year 2 passed the test. This was an improvement on the previous year when none of the three pupils who took the test met the expected standard.

KS2 Results

At the end of KS2 this year 100% pupils for whom we have data achieved UQ targets in Reading, English and maths with 50% exceeding in Reading, 67% exceeding in English and 67% exceeding in maths.

“Our pupils have learning difficulties and generally working below the level of their chronological peers”

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