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At Norman Gate School, the entire school community places the needs of all pupils at the forefront of its work; only through honest and accurate self-evaluation can this occur. Effective school self-evaluation will enable us to accurately tackle areas of underperformance by building our capacity to maximise strengths and address weaknesses across all areas of the school.

At Norman Gate School, self-evaluation is underpinned by an uncompromising drive to improve and sustain outcomes for all pupils. All leaders lead by example and base their actions on a deep and accurate understanding of pedagogy and subsequent outcomes. All self-evaluation activities seek to overcome the barriers to learning for all groups of pupils in the school community, Andover’s local community and the wider national context.

Rigorous school self-evaluation and improvement planning enables all staff to contribute effectively to sustaining a relentless focus on improving teaching and learning, for dispositions, skills, knowledge and understanding.

When our children leave Norman Gate School, they will…

  • Have enjoyed learning in a happy and safe environment where we actively listen to each other and respect one another’s views.
  • Be self-confident, motivated and have developed a sense of self-worth that will enable them to be resilient and ready to take on new challenges.
  • Have gained functional communication, literacy, numeracy, and computing skills that enable them to navigate their everyday lives successfully.
  • Have the confidence and ability to communicate their needs appropriately.
  • Have developed a range of positive and meaningful relationships that have supported their understanding of mutual respect.
  • Be ready to build on their skills for life with increasing independence.

    Additional Information

    Norman Gate Primary School

    Norman Gate School is a primary school for children aged two and nine months – 11 with a moderate range of additional learning needs (MLD). We have approximately 98 children on roll in 9 classes, on average ten children per class, one teacher and usually two or three learning support assistants. This includes 18 part-time children in the nursery.

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