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Wow! Awards

At Norman Gate School, we think it is very important to celebrate our successes and understand that this can look very different for each child. We think that every success should be celebrated, and shared, with others in our community and we do this in different ways. One way is through our WOW! Awards.

We share our Wow! moments with our friends and our grown-ups in school. Wow! moments are things that we feel very proud of. This could be something we have done for others or something we have had significant success with.

We share our success with Mrs Wilkie, who then gives us a Wow! Award sticker chart. When we collect six stickers, we get a special certificate in assembly.  If it is a piece of work, Mrs Wilkie takes a copy and puts it in the Wow! Gallery near Reception for the term and our success is shared on the Wow! Awards page on our website.

Lila for Independent PE

Emmanuel – Cooking

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