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Mr David Drew

Chair Co-Opted Governor

Mr John Nulty

Co-Opted Governor

Miss. Charlotte Sibley

School Representive

Mrs. Hattie Rooke

Parent Governor

Mrs. Lucy Stickland

Co-Opted Governor

Parent Govenor Vacancy


Mr. James Kellow

Co-Opted Governor

Norman Gate School Governing Body Statement

The role of the Governing Body

The full Governing Body meet 5 times a year. The role of the Governing Body is to set the strategic direction for the school and most importantly to support and challenge the Head Teacher as well as to be ambassadors for the school. Prior to each meeting the Head Teacher submits her report to the governors for discussion/questions at the meeting.

Governors demonstrate commitment to the Seven Principles of Public Life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, leadership.

The Governing Body keeps informed about the performance of staff, quality of teaching and progress of learning and, through analysis of data, understands how well their pupils perform. It monitors the SSE and SSP. It works to ensure all procedures and statutory policies (including Child Protection and Safeguarding) are in place and reviewed regularly and that local and national policy is shaped to serve the school’s context. The Governing Body discuss the budget and question and approve spending. They also visit school regularly, carry out annual monitoring checks and are allocated responsibilities that they keep over a period of time. These responsibilities are called Portfolios.

The constitution of the Governing Body was revised in 2015 following advice from the local authority. The new constitution is now in effect and will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Governing Body.



Key duties: meeting with the Head Teacher, meeting with governors to discuss pay changes and staff structure, assist with staff arrangements.

HT Performance/Pay

Key duties: meet with Head Teacher, discuss performance, setting of targets and pay.


Key duties: meet with Head Teacher to discuss issues, work with Head Teacher to develop long term building strategy, support Head Teacher in discussions with county re buildings/proposed developments/maintenance.


Key duties: meet with Head Teacher and Finance Officer to check budget/expenditure, meet with Personnel Governor to discuss staff changes that may impact budget, support school’s compliance with SFVS discuss long term financial plans with Head Teacher.

Training Liaison

Key duties: liaise with Governing Body and County re whole Governing Body training, make Governors aware of training opportunities, book courses, keep records and feedback to Governing Body.

Health & Safety inc. Fire

Key duties: meet with Health and Safety rep, discuss risk assessments, training, discuss issues with Head Teacher, carry out health and safety walks, ensure school is compliant with statutory requirements, discuss fire safety with fire safety co-ordinator.


Key duties: meet with Head Teacher termly to discuss curriculum, curriculum opportunities and CPD for staff, seek views of teachers, feedback to Governing Body and keep up to date.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Key duties: meet with Head Teacher to discuss numbers of CP plans/CIN (NOT personal cases) and feedback to Governing Body, support Head Teacher with issues with Children’s services, liaise with Head Teacher re safeguarding training for staff and governors.

Deputy for Allegations

Key duties: to act on any concerns about the Head Teacher re child protection if CP Governor unavailable for more than a day.

Restrictive Physical InterventionI

Key duties: to meet with behaviour co-ordinator, discuss number of RPIs, look at data, discuss training needs, feedback to Governing Body.

Freedom of Information

Key duties: to be the main Governor included in any request and liaise with Head Teacher and feedback to Governing Body.

Pupil Premium

Key duties: To agree allocation of pupil premium with the head teacher and monitor impact.

Educational/outdoor visits

Key duties: To monitor appropriate paperwork is maintained, to check all children have a range of offsite activities, which are organised, planned, safe and support the school curriculum.


Key duties: To monitor the website and check that it contains all statutory information.

Single Central Register

Key duties: To monitor that the single central register has details of all staff and volunteers, includes DTA and is kept up to date.

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