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Norman Gate Emergency Childcare Provision

As you are all aware, Norman Gate School closed on Friday evening. On Tuesday, we will be opening an emergency childcare facility called Norman Gate Emergency Childcare Provision.

This is a strictly limited provision to provide emergency care where a child cannot be cared for safely at home and to support our critical workers in continuing the vital job of saving lives.

The senior team will determine the priority of this provision and, placements will be offered on a week by week basis. For example, several families are in isolation this week. As they come out of isolation, they will be eligible to be considered for an emergency place, and, as such, we may find that the priorities for the limited spaces will change every week.

Those families who may be eligible for placement from Tuesday have been contacted directly by Mrs Wilkie. Those who Mrs Wilkie could not get through to have left a voicemail, and Mrs Wilkie will phone again on Monday morning.

Would you please continue to follow the social distancing guidance? Everybody must stay home to save lives. This is a serious threat to everybody.

Please look at the list of adults and children at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19*. Those with a learning disability are listed, so you mustn’t take any unnecessary risks at this time.

Take excellent care of yourselves.

The Norman Gate Team.

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