School Staff Swap The Classroom For Clouds In A Skydive

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School Staff Swap The Classroom For Clouds In A Skydive

A HEADTEACHER afraid of heights will pluck up the courage to head for the clouds alongside a brave teaching assistant.

Kelly Wilkie and Gemma Mundy of Norman Gate School will throw themselves out of a plane next week in the hope of providing essential equipment for pupils.

Within weeks of joining the school in September, the Norman Gate Friends Association (NGFA) approached Kelly and asked if she would raise money for the school’s new rooms.

Without a thought, she agreed, but she had to choose from either walking down the Spinnaker Tower, in Portsmouth, or skydiving – she chose the latter.

She said: “When you are new, you think I’m going to step up for a new challenge. I wouldn’t say I like heights, so I chose the skydive to raise money, and I knew I wouldn’t have to push myself over in a skydive. Someone will help me.

“Standing at the top of car parks, I can’t even look over the side, but sometimes you have got to be 10 per cent braver and do something that challenges you.”

On October 26, Kelly and Gemma to Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury, will both take on a 10,000 ft tandem skydive, but the pair know it’s for a worthy course.

“I am petrified, but knowing the impact it will have in providing a sensory space for my kids, it will be worth it,” Kelly added.

Over the summer, the school has undergone building work to admit up to 93 children shortly who need specialist care and provide a more practical space for all the children to flourish in, with community spaces converted.

Although most of the work is completed, there are still inside areas that need to be equipped and the outer regions that could be developed to enhance learning with a solar dome or woodlands area.

Hampshire County Council earmarked the following rising demand for special educational needs (SEN) places.

“The school was lacking in sensory space for our children. Our children here are changing, we meet more needs, and a sensory room would be a valued addition in the school.”

Kelly added that there is also a need in the local community for space of such kind and hope to open the doors to the public after school hours.

Parents, friends and family are all encouraged to sponsor Kelly and Gemma to reach their £1,000 target to provide new equipment for the school.

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